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Obama and ISIS: a failure to grasp the obvious

A student mentality in a presidential suit

The day before soldiers of the radial Islamic Wehrmacht attacked innocent Parisian concert goes and diners, American college students, self-identified as the “Million Student March”, demonstrated on over 100 college campuses demanding free tuition, an annulment of all student loan debt, and a $15 per hour minimum wage for [...]
Cruz, Rubio and missed opportunities

Building a case one bill at the time

“But whatever you do, please don't throw me into that terr'ble briar patch!" cried Brer Rabbit.

You may recall Brer Rabbit’s attempt to get Brer Fox, in whose clutches he found himself, to do just that: toss him to the briars.  And being dared to do so, Brer Fox did just that thus becoming the agent of his own [...]
Can government created problems be cured by the government?

Repeating the same mistakes is no solution to teen pregnancy 

General George Patton described his battlefield success as “not paying for the same real estate twice.” He believed doing so was a waste of time, money and, most importantly, human life.

Yet the “children having children” narrative segued into such a [...]
Regulation Nation in the courts

The will to flex GOP majority it there?

While the GOP caucus in the House of Representatives plays leadership musical chairs and the same torch-and-pitchfork-mob that pushed them there turns its attention to the Senate for more of the same, a real fight with real consequences for all Americans is taking place in the courts.

Obama's capitulation to Putin

Leading from behind with weakness 

Forty three years after the world was outraged by the visual of a naked and terrified Kim Phúc fleeing her napalm-bombed Vietnamese village comes another conscience pricking picture: a Turkish policeman cradling the lifeless body of a three year old Syrian boy drowned while fleeing his war torn [...]