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Moral bankruptcy: a cornerstone of Obama’s foreign and domestic policies
Obama's capitulation to Putin

Leading from behind with weakness 

Forty three years after the world was outraged by the visual of a naked and terrified Kim Phúc fleeing her napalm-bombed Vietnamese village comes another conscience pricking picture: a Turkish policeman cradling the lifeless body of a three year old Syrian boy drowned while fleeing his war torn country.

Little Aylan Kurdi’s silent testimonial is the ocular proof of the miserably failed Middle Eastern foreign policy of the Obama Administration as hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees are forced to take their chances on the Aegean and Mediterranean seas seeking asylum from Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Obama, you may recall, instructed Assad back in 2012 and 2013 that there would be “dire consequences” if he used chemical weapons against his people, a dare Assad promptly called by gassing and killing millions. Assad crossed Obama’s “red line”; Obama did nothing.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  

Obama and Secretary of State Kerry were reduced to asking Russia to help corral their client Assad and extract a promise that he would destroy his cache of chemical weapons. He said he would then killed yet more civilians. 

So much for “dire consequences”.

Russia in now stepping up their efforts to help their friend and client Assad stay in power.

In a profound grasp of the realpolitik of the moment, Kerry declared, “"Clearly, the presence of aircraft with air-to-air combat capacity ... and surface-to-air missiles raise serious questions.”

“Serious questions”, indeed.  An astounding observation.

And this from the administration’s point man that gave Iran over $100 billion and the means to obtain a nuclear weapon while their leaders chanted “Death to America”.

But Kerry and Obama have a fix:  turn the region over to the Russians and take in nearly 200,000 refugees between now and 2017.

The details will no doubt be hashed out when Kerry, in an eerily déjà vu Chamberlain-goes-to-Hitler redux, meets with his Russian counterpart and, equally no doubt, will stamp Russia’s open-ended parking ticket in the region. 

In fact, this administration’s template for international negotiations begins with capitulation, the consequence of weakness, lack of political will, and any semblance of moral authority, as was self-evident in the Iran “negotiations”.

But not only do the Russians, Iranians and Syrians cow this administration, so do the Afghans, a country America liberated from the scourge of the Taliban.

Reports recently surfaced that Afghan commanders engage in a practice known as bacha bazi, literally translated as “boy play”.  It is an expression of a homosexual penchant which, according to the New York Times, is “a hallmark of Islamic culture” and “has long been a clandestine feature of life” in southern Afghanistan. 

When American soldiers noticed Afghan commanders bringing young boys and  teenagers to their base and observed (and heard) abusive behavior, they reported it but were told by their superiors to “look the other way” since the practice was part of their host country’s culture and reporting the activity might cause offense.  Whistle blowing soldiers were punished.

Directing American soldiers to ignore active and rampant pedophilia is nothing short of repulsive.

But those instructions had to come from somewhere.  And it is doubtful that they came from any source other than the top, the Commander in Chief.

The current administration’s foreign policy is rife with moral bankruptcy as it condones (by inaction) the death of women and children and (by silence) the practice of homosexual pedophilia.

And this bleeds into Obama’s domestic policy.  

Come December, Obama and his sycophants hopefully will have the opportunity to deny Planned Parenthood, the production source in the supply chain for the aborted fetus body parts industry, the use of federal funds. 

This they will not do. 

What they will do is side with the intentional destruction and mutilation of innocent life, as is their proven policy, and call those opposed “extremists” and, therefore, the cause for any government shutdown.

This is beyond repulsive; it is loathsome. 

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