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Speeches and Myths and Obama, Oh My!

One hardly knows where to begin in translating President Obama’s April 3, 2012, speech to The Associated Press luncheon.  The speech, as you may recall, was a bitingly partisan attack on the budget which had recently passed GOP controlled House.  And the speech, like most of the teleprompted speeches given by the President over the past year, was a campaign speech.  Which means that facts must yield to intentionally misdirected perceptions and misstatements.

 An example of this would be his statement that “...broad based prosperity has never trickled down from the success of a wealthy few. . ..”  First, this simply isn’t true.  This country enjoyed the single largest peacetime economic expansion from the middle of the Reagan presidency clear through the Clinton years. 

 This wasn’t any accident nor was it the result of an 800 billion dollar government spending plan.  It was based on the belief that “the wealthy few”, i.e., the family owned businesses, family owned farms, and mom and pop enterprises, would expand and hire given the proper incentives.  And when given those incentives, smaller government and lower taxes, that’s exactly what they did. 

 The “rising tide” that followed “lifted] all boats”. Yes, as Obama said, the “results of [that] experiment are clear for all to see.”  On this point he was right.

 But back to his speech.  He never mentioned his “experiments”.  Never mentioned Obamacare.  Never mentioned the 800 billion dollar “stimulus” debacle.  Never mentioned $4.00/gal gasoline.  And, more telling, he never mentioned his budget which, of course, doesn’t exist.

 Which seems odd since in a debate which is ostensibly comparative in nature, he could have drawn the contract between his budget and the GOP budget.  But he can’t.  So what he relied on, as he did in his March 30 speech a few days earlier, was the tired politics of destruction:  Tear down the other side, attack the other side with no alternative, no ideas to replace those about which you complain, offering only attacks on their patriotism as an answer.

 Since we all know that you can only work with what you have, his speech was probably logical. There are no arrows of substance or relief in his quiver to retort responsibly to the GOP budge.  His philosophy and approach to governing, as well as that of his congressional supporters, is, in a phrase, bereft of credibility.  Why so?  He tried it and it failed.

 So he called the GOP budget a “Trojan Horse”.  You recall the epic war between Troy and Greece during which the Greeks subdued Troy by tricking the Trojans to pull into their city a wooden structure in the shape of a horse but packed full of Greeks who, when night fell, emerged to open the city up their counterparts outside the city walls.  This seemed a strange analogy since the GOP budget is clearly transparent; no gimmicks; no punches.

 You may recall the statements of Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders prior to the passage of the 2,700 page constitutional assault weapon to the effect that: We have to pass it before you can appreciate or know what’s in it.  Now there’s a Trojan Horse.

 At least there’s some consistency here.  The speech, Obamacare and the Trojan Horse are all based on myth.

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