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Historical Inconvenience

Gary Wisenbaker:  Historical Inconvenience

Even now, four years after Obama took over the helm of government, the Left refuses to accept responsibility for its failures.  When asked recently about the federal deficit, its causes and lack of manageability, Robert Reich, former Clintonista labor secretary and  now University of California/Berkley (enough said)"economist", didn't blink an eye:  "This was a combination of George W. Bush's military buildup, Medicare drug benefits and his tax cuts."


Let's see.  Since Obama's inauguration, the federal deficit has increased more and faster than under any other president in history.  He's continued to sustain the military, increased social spending, and endorsed the "Bush" tax cuts by signing legislation extending them. (I bet he signed his own name to the legislation rather than "George W. Bush")  Doesn't that mean that the tax cuts now belong to him?

Comrade Reich failed to mention those terribly inconvenient facts.

What he could have mentioned, but didn't,  was the eurosocialist policies enacted by Obama and his fellow apparatchiks Pelosi and Reid.  These gems include legislation that:  spent nearly $900 billion on a failed "stimulus" package, kept (and keeps) millions of American out of work, and swelled the food stamp and other government "safety net" rolls to historic highs.  And that's just for starters, don't get me started on non-legislated governmental regulations.


Where is the outrage?  Where is the right--Republican or Democrat--calling the hand on such outrageous falsehoods and half truths?  Where is the press, the illustrious "Fourth Estate"?  Are they all so cowed?  So compliant?  Are such lies to be repeated time and again with impunity, so that they are soon accepted as truth?

This has happened before.  One may remember that it was such deafening silence that paved the way for the rise of the National Socialists in the 1920's and 1930's.  Its coming of age nearly doomed not just a continent, but an entire world.  I'm sure you recall Adolf Hitler.

Beware.  History has an inconvenient way of repeating itself.

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