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Two Cliffs and a Bus

Gary Wisenbaker: Two Cliffs and a Bus


While the nation's attention was focused on the alleged "fiscal Cliff", Congress and the White House drew straws on who would get the opportunity to throw every American taxpayer under the bus.  The White House won although it’s hard to tell.


And what does this sacrificial toss achieve?  Higher taxes and increased spending with a near certain guarantee that more of the same is on the way.


The "deal"--loosely speaking since a true deal has mutual benefits for the competing interests--which passed the GOP controlled house (albeit without a majority of the GOP caucus), the Democrat controlled Senate and the Socialist controlled White House raises taxes on every single working American, rich, middle class or poor. And those that itemize, save and invest ("the rich") will pay even more ("their fair share").


Not one (1) thin dime is cut from spending. In fact, they passed a $50 billion spending bill within days of picking our pockets.  Any other person who knowing wrote a check on an overdrawn account would be arrested and prosecuted. These guys congratulated one another.  Disgraceful.


And this is in just the first week of 2013!


The reality is that Obama-Marx is now one step closer to his stated agenda.  He wants us to fall of another cliff, the precipice, according to Harvard's Harvey Mansfield, of "dependency, lack of ambition and insolvency".  He is closer to his goal because he is closer than ever to making income distribution a stated goal of domestic tax policy. 


This is his mountain top from which Obama-Marx enjoys the vista of his long sought dream for America:  Eurosocialism.  he has become the Tax Collector in Chief For the Welfare State.  Problem is he's proud of this moniker.


Sadly, there is little push back from the Everett Dirksen "go along, get along", "me, too, but less" GOP leadership.  They are accomplices to not only dismantling Reagan's 1986 tax reforms but also implementing the first federal tax increase in 20 years.  Even more disgraceful.


While Obama-Marx enjoys his mountain top view, the view for American workers and taxpayers, the undercarriage of the bus, is unlikely to change any time soon.  Get used to it.


Republican, Democrats and Independents who love freedom and value self-reliance:  Wake up. And wake up now.


Obama is a Eurosocialist and must be stopped.


The process starts in now through 2014.  Don't wait for the next bus in 2016;  it will be too late.

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