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Evidently everything is going so swimmingly well with the country that the national discourse can turn to the efficacy of gay marriage. 

Having done such a superlative job as secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton marches on to cheapen and denigrate the concept of marriage to help her now certain run for the White House (political expediency).  The national press will of course oblige her with sufficient coverage and purring adulation.  At least this is an issue she’s well versed in without having to deal with the messy, sticky issues surrounding Benghazi.  Remember our murdered ambassador?

And as the US Senate has things so well under control that they, too, can turn to the more pressing issue of the day, to wit, gay marriage.  Sen. Rob Portman assuages his anguish and appeases his now “out of the closet” son (personal expediency) and Sen. Claire McCaskill joins in as well to the “if it feels good, do it” mentality.  Certainly more of the other 98 titans keeping watch over the country will join in.  No point in letting good press coverage go to waste.

Can we talk about something that helps all Americans, including the 96.2% that are straight?  How about having a discussion about putting millions of Americans back to work?  After all, the 7.7% unemployment rate is twice the percentage of those admitting to a GLB preference. 

Here’s a novel idea: let’s have a discussion about how to increase the national gas refinery capabilities and rework or repeal government regulations to get the price of gas back to where the average family can afford to drive AND buy a pair of shoes or eat out.

And then there’s the national debt and hemorrhaging deficit.

Far too much time and energy is wasted on this issue by a voyeuristic press and ego centric politicians.  The argument could probably be made that the attention does nothing to help those seeking to impose the mores of such a small percentage of the population on the majority.

And is it even the winning issue that it’s made out to be?  Out of the 30 states that have amended their constitutions to define marriage as a union between and a man and a woman, they have done so with an average voting majority of 67%.  That’s sixty seven percent.  But you didn’t see that in a headline after Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council rolled it out in a Sunday talk show recently.  Inconvenient facts need not apply.

The hullabaloo comes to us, of course, because the Supreme Court is hearing a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”), passed when Hillary Rodham Clinton was busy being a “co-president” with Bill.  So it merits some mention.  But it doesn’t require obsession.

Whether or not federal policy should even address marriage is, according to George Will, already decided by the Tenth Amendment. It is a state, not a federal issue.  And he’s right.  Marriage, like abortion, is properly relegated to the states.  No where does the Constitution confer upon the federal government the right or responsibility to regulate either.

So let’s just be done with it and move on to things we can all agree on:  a balanced federal budget, lower gas prices, putting American back to work, crafting a sensible and humane immigration policy, maybe even creating a tax code that encourages work and productivity.
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