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Okay, let’s make sure we understand this.

The unemployment rate drops one tenth of a percent thanks only to the fact that more of the employable have determined that they will remain unemployed for the foreseeable  future.  So why bother looking?

Employers added a miserable 88,000 workers to their payrolls in March.  Sure, a plus is a plus.  But after an $800 billion stimulus, and more stimulus spending on top of that, this number is nothing short of disgraceful.

But this is the result, Obama’s henchmen proclaimed, of the .0000001%, (you get the message) slowdown in federal government spending increases. You remember the cataclysmic Sequester, of course.  At least they didn’t blame Bush.   After five years even the media isn’t willing to blame W anymore for O’s failed economic policies.

But, strangely enough, the figure comes in after just enough time passes for Americans to assess the impact of Obama’s tax increases.  And, oddly enough, after just enough time for the real and full impact of Obamacare to be digested and analyzed by the country’s employers and job creators. 

Wonder if there’s a connection.

But are these the issues pondered by the mainstream media?  Hardly.

Obama complimented the California Attorney General on her “good looks”.  Michele gaffed that she’s a “single mother”. (I wonder if she was sleeveless when she made such a comment, the press seemed to miss that detail)   Ebert is dead.  These are the stories capturing their imaginations and the headlines.

Whatever he said about the California Attorney General is so specious and immaterial that it warrants no serious contemplation.  Yet Obama apologized for it.  A misplaced apology at that.

He needs to apologize to Americans for his failed policies.  He needs to apologize to those that want jobs but can’t find them as a direct and proximate result of his tax the rich, unbounded regulatory vision and central economic planning approach to governing. He needs to apologize to all those young people who followed him like the pied piper and who can now find no jobs, who at this point in time can see no future.

He needs to apologize for the things that matter, not the trivial.  Better, he needs to take actions to undo those things that he has done and forget contrition.

He could do all this and more but he’s still campaigning in California.

Just do the right thing.  “Yes, [you] can!”

Regardless of what he and the rest of the members of the central planning committee Reid and Pelosi think, this country is greater than they.  At least for the moment.

Obama is a eurosocialist and his polices must end. 

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