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Sequestered Confidence, Part II

It just keeps getting worse for the economic policy makers in Washington. 

A new Associated Press-GfK poll is anything but encouraging.  Fifty two percent of those polled disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy.  Nearly 77% either trust Washington to “do the right thing” some of the time or none of the time. 

More telling for future unemployment numbers was the feeling among 38% that it was not a good time to make major purchases while 25% had an ambivalent attitude on purchasing.  In other words, 63% of those polled were not motivated to purchase furniture, electronic devices or the like. 

This is not good news.

But liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, want good news.  The employed and unemployed want to be secure in their jobs or find good paying jobs, respectively, and want good news as well. 

This can only happen when the consumer confidence reading is around 90, and it’s got a ways to go.  The March reading was a lackluster 59.7.  This new poll suggests that April’s reading won’t be much better:  two thirds of those polled said the economy will not improve or is only getting worse.

The present policies in Washington simply aren’t working.  They aren’t working for the White House or the Congress; they certainly aren’t working for the American people. 

Yet the White House insists on more of the same with its new budget.  Its plan for new taxes and more spending with little or no serious effort made to curtail or control the deficit won’t get this car out of the ditch. 

We need pro growth policies that limit the size and scope of government.  Only then will the private sector once again feel confident enough (and have the money) to spend and to hire.  Only then will Americans get back in the malls, strip centers, warehouses and restaurants.  And only then will the "hard core" unemployed get back in the job hunt.

The return of big government is a proven failure. 

Just ask the respondents in the Associated Press-Gfk poll. 

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