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POTUS, DOJ, IRS, NSA: the ABC's of Shredding the Constitution

Reporters’ phone records, harassment of political groups and mining the Internet


When Turkey exploded last week in nationwide demonstrations against heavy handed government attempts to control the public outcry against a Shariaesque social agenda, the White House, exercised in its usual display of righteous indignation, called upon the regime to uphold “the fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly and association.”




Let’s see if we can reconcile that with the monitoring of reporters’ phone calls/logs, the harassment of political groups with opinions at variance with the administration, and the wholesale, dragnet confiscation of millions of individuals’ Internet transactions. 


Hmm.  No, wait…it’s coming….well, maybe not.  And the Left, so fond of lording their supposed superior sensitivity of individual rights over the Right is left standing completely and utterly naked.  And it ain’t a pretty sight.


So Obama and his administration say one thing yet do another.  “Do as I say, not as I do” so goes the expression.  Thus the definition of “hypocrisy”.


Though somewhat troublesome, the mere monitoring of phone traffic for the purpose of detecting patterns consistent with terrorist activities or activists is innocuous.  What with people talking and texting on their cells in the grocery store, in restaurants and public events the argument can be made that there’s no real expectation of privacy or perhaps that its been waived.  Surveillance is necessary when at war and, regardless of Obama's proclamations, we are at war.


Going into the actual content or specifics of that communication without probable cause is another matter entirely.  And it is wrong.  It is a clear, unadulterated and constitutional breech of the trust between Obama administration and the American people.  There is no moral difference between their brutalization and violation of the Constitution of the United States and the acts of a serial rapist.


Yet here’s a prediction:  no one will lose their jobs.  “Executive Privilege” will be handed out like candy at Halloween to thwart the subpoena power of the Congress and the courts.


The truth will most likely never see the light of day.


But on the bright side (there’s always a silver lining),   the Obama agenda is in mortal danger.  And that’s the best news we’ve had in months.


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