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Diverting Planes and Domestic Attention

No-fly zone benefits two battle fronts, foreign policy rooted in expediency, and Flag Day

After two years and thousands of deaths by bombs, bullets and chemicals, Obama has now determined that it is time for action regarding the Syrian civil war. 

The call for a Jordanian/Syrian border no-fly zone rose with the sun on this June 14, 2013, the 236th anniversary of the adopting of the stars and bars as our national flag, commonly known as “Flag Day”. 

And there’s no better way to run the flag up the flagpole and get a unified national salute than committing American forces to a theatre of war.  The flexing of American sovereignty and might in the cause of justice and freedom binds us together.  It has done so for over 236 years. 

Like the “bean under the cup” magic trick, it also has the advantage of diverting the national attention.  This administration desperately needs a diversion from the IRS, AP, Benghazi ,and NSA scandals which show no signs of receding, the affect Obama’s inauguration was to have had on the oceans.

Indeed, any no-fly zone decision allows Obama to assume the mantle of commander in chief and discard that of a scandal ridden president.

And everyone salutes, right?  Maybe, maybe not.

Pretermitting the issue that there’s any benefit to dumping a Stalinist Syrian president for an anti-American, jihadist rebel contingency, the timing of this foreign policy shift suggests that Obama would have Americans believe that committing our assets will  protect our national interests and/or will do good.  Even after the thousands are dead, the chemicals have been released, and Assad consolidates his power. 

Aside from raising the victims from the dead, a claim that not even Obama is bold enough to make, his miraculous powers being limited to sea levels and all, there is nothing to accomplish.  Or is there?

Obama might can get his salute and shift the bean to another cup.

Americans are a just, kind and gracious people readily inclined to help the distressed and oppressed.  In a situation like Syria, tapping into that sentiment is a fruit of temptation hanging so low that Obama can grab it even while he’s flat on his back—or from the bunker hatch.

Such actions and cynicisms are de rigueur for this While House.  Former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, now Chicago mayor, clarified this administration’s Golden Rule: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” 

Whether the Syrian situation is a crisis for America can be fairly debated.  The fact that the Obama administration is in crisis mode is not.  Either way, Obama’s wasting no time in putting American lives and prestige on the line.

Foreign policy directed by political expediency.  Indeed.


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