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Zimmerman, Martin, and When Enough is Never Enough

The Left, victimhood, and Obama's failure to respect the rule of law.



Can we please just take the Zimmerman/Martin trial off the front burner, maybe even off the stove?


Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md) gets it right:  “Get over it.”  His recent radio interview was reported in USA Today and he makes sense.  As an aside:  the paper described him as a “conservative” member of the House.  When was the last time you heard USA Today or any other mainstream media outlet describe Nancy Pelosi as a “liberal” member of the House?


This needs to be said at the outset:  The untimely death of anyone can be considered tragic, especially that of a young person.  No parent should ever have to suffer the death of a child.  There is a burden also on the person that may have caused that untimely death, a burden to be lived with the rest of that person's life.  Everyone in this matter has burdens to bear that they did not want nor wish for.  Our system of jurisprudence, however, is based on laws and facts, not emotion.


There was a trial, a jury of women, undoubtedly some of them mothers, heard 5 weeks of testimony, observed the witnesses first hand, observed the lawyers first hand, and observed the evidence first hand.  The judge charged them on the law and their duty to apply the law to the facts.  They asked questions of the court during their 15 hours of deliberation.  And they delivered a verdict:  “Not guilty.”


Unlike many other countries, our system requires the government to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is, in fact, guilty of committing the acts he is charged with committing.  The state has the entire burden of proof.  The accused has no burden of proof and is not even required to put up any evidence at all.


There are only two conclusions to draw when a defendant is found not guilty.  The first is that the defendant is, in fact, not guilty.  The second is that the state failed in presenting its case. 


Not surprisingly we are now reading and hearing that what happened here is that Zimmerman was, in fact, guilty but the state failed in its presentation.  Specifically, it failed to “humanize” Martin.  How ‘bout this instead:  given that Martin is a human being, the prosecutors simply didn’t have the facts to sustain their charges.  Remember that the local Sanford district attorney passed on charging Zimmerman and it took a state prosecutor out of Tallahassee to pursue the charges and subsequent trial.  That is, those closest to the situation and knew the facts first hand and who didn’t have a political agenda refused to move on it.  Does that tell us something?


So now, according to the national media that so shamefully reported and characterized the trial in racist terms, as well as Al Sharpton, all blacks are victims. Afterall, Trayvon Martin had a “civil right” to go home. Protests and riots are now authorized in the name of this alleged victimhood.  Where were the riots and protests when O.J. Simpson was acquitted?  Didn’t Nicole and her friend have a “civil right” to go home?


And all Eric Holder can do is throw fuel on the flame.  The White House and this administration has done nothing to quell the utterly false assertion that justice was not done. My guess is the jurors would disagree.


This administration's actions thus far are indicative of its total disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law.


Holder, as the chief law enforcement officer in the country, and his boss, should immediately denounce and call out those who continue to inflame the very racial passions that they themselves so often denounce.  They neet to "get on" with pulling the country together.  Trayvon Martin's parents, the ones who have endured the most heartbreak, have done far more in this regard than Holder and Obama put together as of this writing.  And their strength is admirable.


A jury has spoken.  Get over it.


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