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A Syrian Threat? Blame the Sequester!

Cynicism on Syrian “Threat”

Obama and Triangulation

Nothing like a contrived threat to the USA to shift attention.  Maybe there’s a connection to the clearly despicable act of sending rockets of nerve gas into civilian areas of Damascus and the safety of the Starbuck’s customers in Omaha.

But maybe it stretches the imagination too far.

What possible purpose does such an act serve?  And who would do such a thing? If it was Assad, why would he wait so long to do so and at a time when it appears he has the rebels in retreat?  If it were the rebels, or a contingent of the rebels or a rogue faction of the government, then it would have to be an attempt to frame the Assad regime.  And that purpose would be clear:  to get international attention.

Assuming, for the sake of argument, that it was an intentional act by Assad, one has to question why this particular incident threatens the safety and security of the United States.  Assad has bombed civilian targets.  There are rumors that this isn’t even the first instance of the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war. 

So why now, at this particular point in time, does Obama feel compelled to risk elements of the United States military in a Syrian engagement?

Well, for one thing Obama did say there was a “red line” not to be crossed. And it's September, time for the annual budgetary Fall Frolics complete with other red lines as well, like the red ink that draws the bottom line on the debt ceiling, a debate due at the end of September, and the red ink that draws the line on the ever hemorrhaging numbers for the upcoming continuing budget resolution (what happened to just passing a good, old fashion budget, anyway?).  And the constitutional red lines crossed by the IRS and NSA violating our basic liberties and freedoms. 

Then there’s the burgeoning opposition to the ACA, Obama’s signature legislation, which now includes the labor unions, his closest political allies.  The chorus calling for its delay, defunding, repeal, whatever, grows louder by the hour.

Plus Obama's been looking for a way to sequester the sequester ever since he invented it (he really did unlike Gore and the internet thing) and dared Congress to implement it.  A dare with they took him up on.

Obama needs to get the Congress to go along with his Syria initiative which will have the effect of overdrawing the Pentagon account by a few billion dollars.  He can then demand, with an air of righteous indignation, an end to the automatic spending cuts.  Afterall, the security of the American people is at risk, a clear and present danger, if you will.  You see, Obama has found a  threat to our national securtiy, and it is the sequester, not the Syrians.  In a word, "Brilliant!"

Quite frankly, Obama needs a distraction to get the heat off him and back on the GOP.  And the worthless thugs who gassed those innocent Syrian civilians gave him just what he needed.

Look, Obama, by most accounts, doesn’t even need congressional authority to intervene in the Syrian matter, at least to the limited extent that he’s proposed.  And the reports are that he “stunned” his staff when he decided to seek that approval.

This is a form of triangulation.  Why, how reasonable Obama looks, how cooperative, how “outreaching and accommodating” to seek the advice and consent of the Congress on this, er, serious threat to Americans.  Rest assured that come the fights later this month this reasonableness, this spirit of cooperation, will be revisited.

“I have tried to work with the Congress whenever and wherever I can, as I did recently regarding Syria,” Mr. Obama is sure to say, “Yet the Republicans in Congress refuse to work with me on these critical budgetary and health care issues.  It’s just a shame that they insist on children being homeless, hungry and uninsured.”

And the Fools on the Hill will wonder how in the world they got blindsided…again.

Cynical?  Maybe.  But this is the administration that took office in 2009 touting the aphorism “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”. And these people will stop at nothing to implement their eurosocialist agenda.


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