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The Reconciliation Resurrection
This is what the Founders had in mind
But like sausage, we may not want to see it made

While Pres. Obama takes "selfies" at a state funeral, the Congress does something useful for a change. And they did it in a budge reconciliation committee in a bipartisan way: they reconciled a House budget with a Senate budget.  

This is what they're supposed to do.  

Rep. Pelosi, House Speaker when Obamacare was rammed through on a strictly partisan vote, clucked at the time that the House had to "pass it  before we would know what was in it". Boy, did we find out alright.  

Policies that Americans shopped around for and bought to fit their needs and budgets get cancelled.  Doctors are dropped or pull out of networks.  Same story with hospitals.  All this is on top of the premium and deductible increase sticker shock many are faced with.

But not knowing what was in Obamacare until it was passed was perfectly acceptable at the time.  Never mind that the idea of the legislation was to control one-sixth of the US economy.  It was okay because it was not only a government power grab but also a vast expansion of Washington’s size and power.

Now she's apoplectic that a 2 year budget plan (that's also what Congress is supposed to pass) is about to pass and she "doesn't even know what's in it."  Poppycock.  As a compromise bill debated over the past two months, she knows exactly what's in it. Pelosi and other far left progressives object to this legislation because it slows down, maybe even turns back to some small degree, the growth of the federal government.  

Ask any of them and you’ll get the same answer:  a federal government that isn’t growing in wealth and power is a failure.

Does the House-Senate reconciliation report give the GOP everything it wants?  No.  But nor does it give the Democrats everything they want.  That's the idea of a compromise.  And the idea of both houses compromising is a basic tenet of our republican form of government.  

It’s often said that where both parties are unhappy with an agreement, then it must be a good agreement.  Maybe that’s where we are today.

And it’s worth noting that this happened with Obama out of the country.  Last time the Congress tried to work together with the White House we ended up with a (rather insignificant) government shut down.  Then there was the Obamacare Roll Out Fiasco Part I (or should that be Part A or Schedule A?).  

Maybe we could cajole a friendly country to house Barry for the next 3 years.  I’m just sayin’… .
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